Your Business Deserves Better Water.

Many business's use a bottled water dispensing system which has to be replaced on a regular basis. But these systems are relatively expensive and require a way of storing and disposing the bottles. This also increases a risk for contaminants such as bacteria or peticides.

Advantages of Point-of-Use Water Systems

Using a point-of-use filtration system eliminates the need to hold and dispose bottles as well as reducing our carbon footprint. This results in eliminating contamination potential and dramatically simplifying the management of your drinking water solutions. Your colleagues and clients will notice and appreciate the improved taste of filtered water over bottled water!

Cost Savings

Realize a tremendous cost savings per serving with point-of-use filtration systems. Contact the branch office in your area for a complimentary cost analysis.

Cleaner ... Simpler.. and Tastier too!

There are many other advantages .. filtered water tastes better, and it doesn't remove the healthy beneficial minerals in the water! Bottled water dispensers are often left standing at room temperature for several days - providing an opportunity for bacteria to develop. Point of use systems eliminates this completely - only removing harmful contaminants by the advanced filtering system.

  • Never run out of fresh, filtered water
  • No more bottle changing or storing
  • No more deliveries to manage
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fully compliant with all environmental and health requirements
  • Cost effective
  • Stylish, modern and technically advanced

Ready to improve your office water?

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