Water Filtration

Are you concerned about the taste and smell of your water or worried about contaminants?

Water filtration systems provide great tasting water at a significantly lower cost than bottled water.

First Choice offers a broad range of point-of-use filtration, provides convenient access to fresh clean water for daily use to include drinking water, making coffee, tea, soup and ice making.

Filtration solutions eliminate today’s growing concern for healthy, safe drinking water. While there isn’t much you can do about water quality from the local municipality, you can control the quality of water within your office with a point-of-use filtration system.

There are numerous advantages of installing a point-of-use system including:

  • Custom installation based on space and location - local rep will provide available options
  • Removes potential contaminants
  • Reduces chemicals affecting the water taste and odor
  • Value employees and guest health by serving premium water
  • Better coffee taste, reduced maintenance on coffee brewing equipment
  • The key to proper filtration is not only the system you choose, but timely exchange of the filters - which we manage for you!

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