Countertop or Floor Solutions

Stylish and Technically Advanced

It's a well known fact that bottled water is not healthy for the environment… and it gets expensive.

If you’re looking for office water that tastes good and have concerns about your municipality’s water quality, First Choice can provide your office with efficient water coolers and dispensers ensuring clean, safe water for your business.   

One of our popular options is Waterlogic - a water purification system with the highest standard in great-tasting, high quality drinking water.  There are various options ranging from counter-top to free-standing units for clean, fresh water.  

Waterlogic is a cost effective, premium hot and cold water dispenser line, featuring 3 core technologies:

  • Filtration that removes the bad stuff  (chlorine, water-borne tastes and odors) while leaving the good stuff in.
  • Ultra-Violet purification removes harmful bacteria (e.coli, salmonella and Hepatitis) to guarantee safe, clean water.
  • BioCote® - this is a silver additive in the plastic surfaces surrounding the dispensing area, which naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria and microbes, providing a permanent layer of hygiene defense.  

WL500 Floor & Counter